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As national and office language of Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia is spoken by 250 million people. Fourth largest country population on Earth. Biggest in South East Asia with robust economic growth.

We help you not only translate but also localize, adapt your content with local context for Indonesian people to understand.

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Medical English to Indonesian documents

Atoma Medical help you localize various translation of documents in all the healthcare settings

  • medical references (from medical journal to popular article, summary of medical history, surgery reports, experts opinion, medical analyses),
  • pharmaceutical references (information for doctors, promo material, pharmaceutical slides, patients education, clinical trial documentation),
  • devices or equipment documentation (manuals, operating instructions, descriptions, advertising materials, catalog, presentations),
  • scientific papers (conference materials, reviews, theses, training manuals for doctors and medical students),
  • websites about healthcare service, hospital, clinics, medicine, nutrition, clinical trials, medical devices
  • interactive content (video subtitling, mobile application, e-detailing, multi channel marketing)

When you ask for Indonesian medical translation from Atoma Medical, you get end-to-end solution for all content localization. We will help you with dedicated account manager which set you up with team of professional medical translated, specialists editor and proofreading. Before we start we would help you get the right local context for your content.

We only work with selected medical translator, all are real medical professional with experience in working with references and understand both Medical English and Indonesian. Since medical translation is complicated due to its specific terminology, it need meticulous attention and full of responsibility.

Professional medical translator will read the content thoroughly and adapt the context first, then extracts complicated and extraordinary terms. That is why we need all the documents are already prepared not in their previous final form but in plain text narratives.

The next step of medical translation is dissecting all the parts in paragraph then rewrite in as easy to local understanding for Bahasa Indonesia. We will provide skillful medical localization, from references, scientific papers to interactive content and website.

After all medical translators submitted their work then specialist editors and proof reading will handle another detailed working to make sure all document translation is already according to clients request. It might seem labor intensive work, but we want to deliver the best localization for our clients.

Finally further work will be needed if the requested form is not in plain text documents. We could help you with video subtitling or rework your design material. It all depends on clients demand to provide best Indonesian medical translation and localization.

Nowadays many Indonesian patients get medical treatment abroad. This potential opportunity is not to be missed by growing healthcare globally. For this reason they need to help not only translate their advertising and education material to Bahasa Indonesia. But also various medical documents from analyses, and summary need to be translated from Indonesian to Medical English.

Thanks to medical translation we could help your admission process faster that will help doctor input to the medical referral system. With correct information from medical history this will help abroad health care get you the right medical services and specialists right away. The precision of the information provided for the doctor are really important. We will not want you to have imprecise interpretation of any term that might cause delays and problems in patient’s admission treatment abroad. Thus, the result of treatment will be highly dependant on the accuracy of the translation of medical documents. Chances are that incorrect medical translation will leave a negative impact on the medical practice.

If you need translation from Indonesia to Medical English for submitting documents to hospital and clinics abroad, we are always ready to assist you with the best professional medical translation.